Let's make art together


All the details and offerings

All family sessions will be shot on 35mm film or a mixture of film and digital. Film is highly sought after in the photography world--it is timeless, nostalgic, and it will never ever go out of style. I assure you that your families photos on film will stand the test of time and still be relevant and beautiful even years and years from now. Because of the high demand of film across the globe, film photography is much more expensive than digital photography. Despite the rising prices of film, I aim to share such a timeless gift such as the opportunity to be artfully documented on 35mm film at an affordable rate with families in + around the bluegrass state.

How it works

We will meet for 1-2 hours, usually starting the session around 2 hours before sunset. We will likely start the session in + around your home, where your family most feels like themselves. However, no place that you love is off-limits! If you are from out of town or would prefer an outdoor session and are unsure of where to start, I have a couple of sweet places I can recommend as well. The session will consist of a mixture of posed and candid photographs, with the focus being on the connection of your family. Oh, and don't you worry--I have a ton of tips and tricks up my sleeve to create those loving and genuine moments you see in my photographs. Show up to the session ready to love on your favorite people and I'll take care of the rest!

Family sessions require a $275 session fee to book. Photo collections start at $225. For full pricing and availability, please contact me here.