Washington Road Trip Itinerary

Updated: Jan 14

I'm just now getting around to blogging our Washington road trip! Photos were scanned and developed by The Find Lab and shot on Kodak Portra 400 other than a handful shot on Fujifilm x100f.

Washington Roadtrip Itinerary: May 2020

Day 1: After a long flight, we decided to drive up to Seattle to check out the famous Pikes Place Market and to grab a macaron and salmon jerky across the street. Then we drove on to Ashford (our first airbnb) and stopped in Tacoma on the way down to stock up on groceries.

Day 2: We woke up early and drove to Paradise Drive. This day did NOT go as intended. We ended up being able to hike Nisqually Vista (making our own trail), Narata falls, and Carter falls despite the crazy amount of snow. The river heading to Carter falls was the highlight of that hike. We wanted to see reflection lake but trails were impassable and road was closed. Note for visting Mt. Rainier in May: bring snow shoes or spikes..also lots of extra socks. Ha! On the way back we picked up the best gnocchi at a Ukrainian restaurant and lodge called Paradise Village, came home and made a fire and cooked pizza and had a relaxing early night.

Day 3: We decided to drive over to Packwood thinking maybe we could hike Packwood lake. We had lunch at White Pass Taqueria + Taproom and asked the girl working, who recommended we drive up the road to stop at a deep spot of Cowlitz River and then take a short drive to Snyder Lake. Then we drove to our next airbnb in Grapeview and stopped to eat at Swing Wine Bar in Olympia.

Cowlitz River & Snyder Lake

Day 4: We woke up in our super magical tiny airbnb and kayaked in the bay. We napped with the french doors open, paddled the kayaks around the bay, and then drove to eat dinner in Allyn, WA at Boathouse Restaurant.

Day 5: We decided to go kayaking again before heading out and saw otters and seals. We decided this was definitely our favorite day of the trip. Then we drove to the coast to Kalaloch lodge and saw the beach and the tree of life. Luckily we decided to stop and talk to a nice park ranger who recommend we drive up to Beach 4 to catch low tide. Ya'll! This was the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life. The huge smile never left my face, I didn't even care if it was raining and my feet were cold. Best day ever.

Day 6: We drove to Hoh Rainforest and hiked Hall of Mosses and Old Spruce Trail. It was magical and eerie, but to be honest, it couldn't compare to the magical day we had the day before at the coast. So, we made the decision to drive back to Ruby Beach and spend some time there. It was sunny and crowded and the vibe was totally different than the day before. Still glad we can say we saw it though! Then we stopped at Lake Crescent on way back just to sit on the dock for a few. We had dinner plans so we decided to come back to hike the lake the following day. We had an amazing dinner at Kokopelli Grill in Olympia.

Our last airbnb in Port Angeles

Ruby Beach

Day 7: We went back to Lake Crescent to hike to devils punch bowl. The water there is absolutely insane. Before driving to our hotel near the airport we made the intense drive up to Hurricane Ridge. I decided at the point that I was not fit for mountain driving. HA! Unfortunately the summit was super foggy but it was still a cool experience anyways.

Campground at Lake Crescent

Devils Punchbowl at Lake Crescent

Hurricane Ridge

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